>> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

- When will the conference certificates & package be posted to conference participants?
No. Conference package including conference certificate & Proceeding E-Book will be emailed to registered participants after the conference.

- How does virtual conference take place?
IOMC will take place completely online using the internet technology.

- How long have you been organizing virtual conferences?
We have been organizing academic virtual conferences since 2008 and have continuously improved. All organized conferences have a very high quality and are attended by researchers, professors, students, and experts from various countries.

- Will the best papers of the conference be awarded?
Yes. Most of our conferences provide a variety of awards including Best paper Awards, Best Student Awards, Best Presentation Award, etc. More details in this regard will be provided at the respective conference webpage.

- What are the benefits of IOKSP virtual conferences in comparison with physical conferences?
IOKSP virtual conferences are the FIRST ever-introduced and held Online conferences at their field, held internationally and at a global scale attracting practitioners, students, professors, researchers, and activists from all around the world.

The online nature of IOKSP virtual conferences saves the conference participants from paying extra costs of travel, accommodation, and visa. Instead, conference participants can simply register to the conference and log in to conference website in order to attend different conference presentations and workshops online.