>> IOKSP Background

IOKSP was founded in 2008 with a team of experts and distinct researchers from well-known universities around the world. It is a professional organizer of academic virtual conferences since 2008.

Our Mission:
  • To enhance science and academic research worldwide through our innovative, comprehensive, and professional online services.
  • To connect academicians and researchers worldwide regardless of geographical boundaries and income levels
  • To educate and strengthen researchers worldwide
Our Vision:
To become one the most reliable and renowned sources for academicians and professionals interested in high-quality research

Our Objectives:
  • To provide a forum for discussing and presenting research findings, studies, and experiences in various fields of science; 
  • To create an opportunity for researchers, activists, scientists, students, and specialists to meet each other online and share their research ideas and papers; 
  • To provide the opportunity of finding new research colleagues and partners for future research works for our users

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